Ledger is a French company that specializes in developing and manufacturing cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The company was founded in 2014 by Eric Larchevêque, Joel Pobeda, and Thomas France. Ledger is headquartered in Paris, France.

Some of the most popular products from Ledger include the Nano S Plus and Nano X cryptocurrency hardware wallets. Ledger hardware wallets are some of the most secure ways to store cryptocurrencies, as they allow for offline storage and provide both physical and digital security measures.

Ledger Nano S Plus

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Ledger Nano X

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Nano S Plus and Nano X compared

Ledger Nano S PlusLedger Nano X
Apps capacityUp to 100 appsUp to 100 apps
Storage space1.5 MB2 MB
BatteryNoYes (8h in standby, 3-4h in use)
Ledger Live compatibilityDesktop: Yes
Mobile: USB on Android
Desktop: Yes
Mobile: USB on Android and Bluetooth on Android / iOS
ConnectorUSB-A to USB-CUSB-A to USB-C
Screen128×64 px128×64 px
Dimensions62.39 x 17.40 x 8.24mm
72 x 18.6 x 11.75mm
Security architectureButtons and screen driven by the Secure ElementButtons and screen driven by the Secure Element